Arpillera from Peru

Made in the shanty towns of Lima,

supported by the Anglican Church

Contact Nick or Chris: phone or text 07896 162461 or

Arpillera Ladies Meet


Please note that if you have any special requirements, it may be possible for the ladies to create a bespoke item . Please contact Nick or Chris with details of what you'd like.

  • Christmas Tree
  • Wall Hangings / Cushion Covers - Noah’s Ark / Market Scene
  • Oven Mitts (Pair)
  • Tea Cosie and Cafetiere Cosie
  • Christmas Tree Surround
  • Small bag with strap
  • Advent Calendar
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Christmas Star
  • Stole
  • Waistcoat
  • Small Purse and Spectacle Case
  • Woven Figures
  • Miniature Trees and Stockings (8 inches)
  • Tree Ornament (Trees and Stockings - 4 inches)
  • Llama ornaments

Please note that our images below are NOT to scale with respect to one another. Wherever possible, we have indicated the actual dimensions.

Christmas Tree

The "normal" tree below is approximately 560 x 470 mm.  There are also now "Miniature Trees" approximately 200mm tall and Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of either a tree or a stocking, approximately 100mm tall.
Christmas Tree

Tea Cosie and Cafetiere Cosie

Cafetiere cover is similar but taller and slightly narrowerer to fit a normal 1 litre cafetiere. Both available in a number of different designs - Market Scene, Countryside, Flowers - if you have a specific requirement, please ask.

360 (w) x 260 (h) mm (design on both sides)
Tea Cosie

Cafetiere (design on both sides)

Cafetiere Cover

Christmas Tree Surround (to order only)

Approximately 1m diameter (Circle with split fastened by velcro, design on one side only)
Christmas Tree Surround

Small bag with strap

Approx 200 mm (widest) by 175 mm (depth) (plain reverse side). Available in a number of different designs - Peru Scene, Animals, Flowers - if you have a specific requirement, please ask.
Small Bag

Christmas Stocking

Approx 440 mm length x 300 mm foot width (plain reverse side)

There are also now "Miniature Stockings" about 200mm tall and Tree ornaments in stocking and tree format about 100mm tall.
Christmas Stocking

Stole (to order only)

Extended and normal length priest's stole with a wide range of biblical scenes. A great talking point for congregations and children in particular. Also shown are two close-ups of sections of one such stole.
Special requirements can be incorporated - please contact Chris or Nick.

Revd. Frank wearing Arpillera Stole Priest's Stole

Typical detail in the stole:-
Stole Close-up 1 Stole Close-up 2

Cards / Bookmarks

Assorted designs - some Christmas, some just general Peruvian scenes.
Cards £3, Bookmarks £1.50.

Sorry - No Longer Available.

Cards & Bookmarks

Wall Hangings / Cushion Covers - Noah’s Ark / Market Scene

These items have loops on the back for support as a wall hanging, but double up as a cushion cover, having a slot at the back in which to put a standard UK Cushion.

Approximately 390 mm square (plain reverse side)
Noah's Ark Market Scene

Oven Mitts (Pair) - also sold singly

Available in a variety of designs - different scenes - Markets, Flowers, Animals, Farm, etc. .... please ask.

Each 280 x 200 (widest point) mm(plain reverse side)
Oven Glove

Christmas Star

The reverse of the star is a different scene - the Nativity. The star has a "socket" at the base to enable it to be mounted onthe top of your Christmas Tree as an alternative to the loop visible on this image.

Christmas Star

Advent Calendar (to order only)

Approximately 660 x 360 mm (Pockets contain items which are fixed to the tree by velcro)(plain reverse side). The new, preferred, style is shown to the right.
Advent CalendarNew Style Advent Calendar Tree

Waistcoat (to order only)

This example (Nick's own) is of Noah's Ark - but other designs can be made. Measurements required are:
Sex of wearer
Chest / Bust Size
Measurement from nape of neck to waist (on the back)

Waistcoat (front) Waistcoat (rear)

Small Purse and Spectacle Cases

Small zipped purse .... these are fully lined and the dimensions are approximately 120mm x 100mm. Design on one side only.

Small purse (or mobile phone bag or spectacles bag)

Spectacle case, fully lined, velcro fastening. Various designs available. Design on one side only.

Spectacle Cases

Woven Figures

A variety of designs - woven figures are ladies in traditional dress or musicians (guitar, pan pipes, etc.). Straw figures shown above are mostly Angels with or without musical instruments. Just a few examples of the straw figures are shown here. Straw Figures are currently not being made, but we hope they will recommence eventually.

Woven figures come in packs of 4 at £14.00, or individually at £3.75. Each pack contains an assortment, normally two men with musical instruments and two ladies.

Woven Dolls Packs of 4